I'm Francisco, 22, from Rosario, Argentina and I want to show my art, my life, the little piece of heaven where I live.-

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frankierosayshomophobiaisgay ha dicho: Francisco, first of all your name is very very beautiful, your blog is just as beautiful. Perfect <3

Thanks =) I appreciate it!

City of light on Flickr.City of Light
Winter Trees on Flickr.Winter Trees
Stormtrooper on Flickr.Stormtrooper
Oh, Jazzman on Flickr.Oh Jazzman
The Vortex on Flickr.The Vortex
Florencia on Flickr.Florencia
World Wide Web on Flickr.World Wide Web
My Gallery - 500px
The Lights on You on Flickr.The Lights on You
Immortally Insane on Flickr.Immortally Insane
Piece of heaven
Pinky Nose on Flickr.Pinky Nose